The craft of pine needle coiling is a very old one, started by the Indians. It continues today using pine needles that are very long, wrapped using waxed threads and sinew. Many designs involve beads, found objects, and dyed pine needles. this is tedious work, plugging one pine needle at a time into the coil so the majority of the cost is due to the time it takes to make one piece. I've enjoyed making these baskets and I hope you enjoy checking them out. Baskets are categorized as small, medium and large. Small baskets are $25, medium are 30 and large are $35.  The gourds are one of my new creations. Priced as marked.
Dyed blue pine needle creation with white waxed thread designs throughout. This is a medium basket.
MEDIUM basket with wooden dotted beaded decoration.
LARGE basket with purple sinew thread and large coils on each side. 
LARGE basket with a lid. The center of the lid is an amethyst rock and the center in the basket is a polished purple bead.

Large Gourd dyed with leather ink, embellished with pine needles and Dire Palm Influrencesense vine and dark lime green sinew and neat green 'petal' beads.  $50.
This basket is done with painted end caps on the pine needles. It has a wooden ice blue painted center.
This basket uses multi colored threads as well as painted end caps on the pine needles. It is a rainbow of color.
This basket uses dyed pine needles and the tops center is a rose colored rock.


This one I call Black Dahlia. The laser cute center reminds me of the Dahlias my dad used to grow. This is a medium basket.


This basket is medium size. It has natural pine needles with red sinew thread and glass bead adornment.