Painted Glassware

This is a sampling of the painted glassware I've done. I can paint on any style glass - martini, margarita, beer mugs, pubs, water/wine goblets - whatever you'd like.  I can do just about any professional, college or high school team sports logo.

I have glasses with a beach theme, birthday theme, flamingos, name it, I'll try it!! 

And I paint any monogram you'd like. See some I've done below.

All glasses are priced as 1 for $8,   2 for $14,   3 - $18,  4 for $20. Oil/vinegar/soap bottles are $12.

Virginia is my home. What state is yours? And what better to serve Virginia wine in than this glass!

 SIP Happens...a take off of the popular SH** Happens saying. Portrayed appropriately with a glass of wine! Enjoy!


Chalkboard based wine glasses! These are perfect for a group gathering so each person can write their name on the  washable base of the mix ups!

This is a fun design for these oil/vinegar/soap bottles. You can pick the color combination! 

 The same fun design is available in wine, champagne, margarita and pub  glasses!!

I've got dots of all colors. These are my favorites...silver and black. Very formal, yet funky. 

 Virginia Cavalier's wine glasses.  Classic design and great for the graduate!

Whether you are a VT fan, UVA, Radford, Longwood, U of name it, I'll put their logo on a glass of your choice! With out without polka dots! This set is VCU on pub glasses.

 Here are wine glasses with the Hokie Bird! It can be made with dots or without!

 This is an example of the shatterproof beer glass.

Drunken Hokie Bird leaning on a VT crutch!  So cute!

Go Redskins!! 16 oz beer mug.  I have done many different college and pro logos. Just let me know what your fav team is and I'll give it a try.

In addition to sports logos, I can do custom designs like flowers I recently finished.

Fanciful set of 'Birthday Girl' Martini glasses. Colorful and fun for any girlfriend!   I can do this design on champagne glasses too.
Love the beach? Love your friends! Buy them these cute beach glasses, or treat yourself!
Monogramming is very popular. Why pay TWEED'S prices when you can get any design you want right here for some much less?  
Another birthday design with colorful candles and multi-colored dots. 

Are candle jars 'glassware'? I think so. I can paint your team logo or design choice on these 15oz candle jars. $12.  

Check out the seasonal designs under the Seasonal Gifts section.

Do you have a candle jar? If so, I can paint your design on it for $6.